What is Creative Process Outsourcing?

Advertising and marketing communication is a market of ideas and intellectual properties. Here, the quality and time of human assets is the biggest factor in maintaining delivery standards and proving progressive services. Maintaining large teams of quality human assets is not just an expensive proposition but also, a tiresome one.

With the rising costs of inputs and employment, and restrained client spends, advertising agencies across countries are finding it more and more difficult to meet the growing client demands, dealing with competition and deliver quality in time.

To combat these growing concerns, the concept of Creative Process Outsourcing is gaining popularity in the developed economies across the world. Creative Process Outsourcing or CPO is a one-stop solution for advertising and marketing agencies to get quality work done from outside, at a much lower cost and under their control.

The Definition.

CPO, Creative Process Outsourcing,Creative Process Outsourcing refers to outsourcing a segment of the creative process by advertising agencies to a team offshore, on a per project or retainer bases with the purpose of either saving costs or expanding their service umbrella or both.

In simple words, CPO house is an independent firm that works on behalf of a creative agency to generate services for the client, under the banner of that Creative Agency.

CPO houses offer varied services ranging from complete resource support to all types of creative, content and routine support. The resource support offered to agencies come with full infrastructural support and are trained in regional and cultural sensitivities, which ensure quick and easy understanding of the agency’s clientele as well as the agency itself. They work as direct employees of the agency, but remain on the payrolls and infrastructural support of the CPO house. This saves the agency, the cost of recruitment, infrastructure, maintenance and attrition management of new employees.

Creative Support can range from design and content services to adaptations, online management, web / application development and so on.

In addition to the cost-effectiveness, Creative Outsource Houses offer you the following advantages:

  1. Enhanced service portfolio
  2. Better focus on core competency
  3. Reduced cost of creative resources
  4. Complete flexibility of resources
  5. Increased ROI
  6. Reduced infrastructure and operational costs
  7. Entry into the untapped SME market

How does the CPO model work?

How will it fit in your organization?

Will you really benefit from it?

Find answers to many more such questions, in the next post on Outsourcing Creatives.