Outsource your routine work, focus on creativity

A Creative Process Outsourcing House is not another competitor for advertising agencies, instead it is a partner that provides creative and digital support to help the agencies increase efficiency and grow their capabilities.

In the current economic scenario,running business is getting tougher by the day. To stay competitive in the market, agencies need to look for ways to streamline their business processes in order to increase their productivity and reduce their costs. One of the biggest challenges today is the pressure of crunching client budget that result in shrinking profit margins of the agencies themselves.

mundane work outsourcingA simple solution for this problem is to outsource your everyday, process oriented or time consuming jobs like adaptations, web maintenance, social media maintenance, editing, etc. at a reasonable cost and use your in-house creative teams for cognitive jobs and developing your core competencies, such are campaign conceptualization, new pitches, etc.

You can outsource your work to a freelancer, who often has a limited range of expertise and services. Alternatively, you can partner with a CPO, that offers you a team of experts who can provide all the services you may need from time to time, under one roof. In the long run, a CPO can also help you expand your plethora of services. Let us see how.

The Creative team is the soul of any advertising agency, and you have surely handpicked each one of your creatives, to ensure the best of talent is a part of your team. But what if most of your team’s time and efforts are wasted in non-cognitive, routine jobs or operational adaptations? It would not only frustrate the creatives, but also shoot up your operational costs.

This is where a CPO steps in. It helps you focus on your strengths and deliver high quality creative work at reasonable costs by executing all operational aspects of your campaigns and communication material. It is a win-win solution for the agency, as they save their time, effort and resources and are able to deliver quality work on time to their clients.

Statistically speaking, outsourcing your routine jobs and sudden workloads to a CPO can improve your bottom line revenues by 40%. Along with the cost advantage, a Creative Outsourcing House also assures for you, the best of quality and ease of communication through dedicated account managers, phone lines and ids for each account.

Here are a few process-oriented jobs that can easily be outsourced to a CPO:

–          Ad / campaign adaptations

–          Social Media Maintenance

–          Website development, maintenance

–          Search Engine Optimization

–          Content Writing

–          Editing, Proofreading

–          Photo-editing

–          E-mailers & E-newsletters

–          Web Banners

–          Newsletters

–          Direct Mailers

–          Brochures

–          Event collaterals

These are just some of the jobs that can be outsourced to a CPO. While you develop the core concepts, a CPO can execute them on various platforms and media for you. Or, in case you are overburdened with a sudden overload of work from the client, you can pass on the non-exciting work to the CPO, so that your best resources work on the jobs that’ll get your agency the praise and recognition it deserves!

Will the quality be up to the mark?

How do I ensure quality standards are maintained throughout a long term relationship?

Will our cultural differences not affect creatives?

Find answers to all these questions and more in our next post on Outsourcing Creatives.